Hansen is currently one of the most exciting guitarists on the Norwegian jazz scene, and excelled with the debut album "See Me Another Day" which was released at Maijazz in 2017 with his trio. The album received splendid publicity both nationally and internationally, including in the British music magazine The Wire, which believed that the album was so good that it justified the use of Norwegian cultural resources.

Bedehus & Hawaii (2019) was the second album of the already critically acclaimed guitarist and composer Trond Kallevåg Hansen. He’s been compared with guitar calibers such as Bill Frisell and Ry Cooder among a number of reviewers. "Bedehus & Hawaii" locates Trond Kallevag Hansen at the right height on the heels of Ry Cooder and Bill Frisell. "- Jazzaroundmag. The highlight was reached when Bandcamp, undoubtedly one of the world's largest and most important platforms for selling music, named the album Bedehus & Hawaii to one of 15 best international jazz releases in 2019!


In his band there’s some of Norways best musicians.

Prison Bird is due for release 9th april 2021. Trond takes the listener into musical landscape inspired by his job as music teacher in Oslo Prison. Isolation, hope, darkness and the ballads inside the prisons in the 18th century are some key words that describe the music. Geir Sundstøl stands for beautiful vibes with his sublime steel guitar playing that perfectly matches Kallevåg's obvious affection for atmospheric film music, gentle prayer house music and Polynesian exotica. The combination of his warm Fender guitar sound and his lyrical compositions gives the listener a cinematic feel.

The critics have seriously caught the eye of the young guitarist and composer after he released the album Bedehus & Hawaii


"Hansen has created one of the most gorgeous recordings to hit the shelves in 2019!»

- Bandcamp (15 best international jazzalbums of 2019)


«Bedehus & Hawaii" plunges us into a poetic quietude, eliminates stress and locates Trond Kallevag Hansen at the right height on the heels of Ry Cooder and Bill Frisell.


“It’s a lovely album all the way through”

-Gareth Thompson – BBC radio


An excellent, exellent album

- Roots And Fusion Podcast


Cinematic and beautiful

– BBC Radio 3


I love that track, its called “Flukt”


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